Tips To Plan A Bollywood-Themed Wedding

Tips To Plan A Bollywood-Themed Wedding

Bollywood is famous worldwide. It is becoming more than simply an industry name for Indian cinema. The genre is present in film, dance, music, and fashion. Drama is a big part of the Bollywood concept. Planning a Bollywood wedding at marriage halls in Velachery can be energizing, vibrant, lively, and enjoyable. It will always be in vogue. If you enjoy Hindi films, you already know how opulent and grandiose Bollywood can just be. 

In Bollywood, everything is exaggerated, and that’s what makes it entertaining. Bollywood can bring any current event to life, making it famous worldwide. Bollywood is such a fun and simple theme for a wedding if you choose the marriage halls in Medavakkam. You can spice up your big day by presenting the opulent aspect using the unique ideas you deserve on that auspicious day. 

A Bollywood-themed wedding will be a memorable occasion since it will appear as though it were a dream when you rent supportive marriage halls near Madipakkam. So, if you’re considering a funky, wacky Bollywood wedding, here are some suggestions to make your big day even more special:


  • Ticky-Tacky Invitations


Similarly, in any other conventional Bollywood film, you must make a solid first impression. You need to make a lot of noise about your hipster wedding, so the attendees have time to get used to the concept. You may include movie posters or a snapshot of the bride and groom astride a horse on your invitation. Make the invitations stand out from the crowd and embellish it lavishly. You may also create amusing invitations that are influenced by well-known Bollywood films.


  • Don’t Miss Out On Sangeet Or Sagai


Due to the fact that it will be a multicultural wedding, don’t forget to include some genuinely traditional Indian-style events, such as a sangeet wherein friends and family may dance together. You’ll get the ideal opportunity to perform your newly acquired Bollywood dancing movements to the most groovy music. 

During a Mehendi event, the bride and pals can get their hands coloured with henna. With lovely, sophisticated techniques woven into your hands to beautify them, henna-painted hands may be a stunning addition to your wedding dress. Additionally, a ritual known as sagai takes place where the engaged pair gathers as a prerequisite and forces one another to wear their engagement bands or rings.


  • The Bollywood Decor


The crucial part is decorating the marriage halls in Pallikaranai that you rent, as it will determine how successfully you can execute the Bollywood aesthetic for your wedding. As you are aware, you must choose a vibrant wedding décor with a red accent. An elephant theme is an option. Make sure your centerpiece is extravagant and sparkling. Use crystal and jeweled accessories to add glitz to your setting. Additionally, a spotlighted center stage with extravagance and grandeur surrounding the bride and groom is an option. Be mindful of the little details.


  • Filmy Outfits


At the wedding, everyone adopts the persona of a Bollywood film star. To give the attendees an opportunity to dress up a little, you may choose a motif like the 1980s or 1990s. However, the bride and groom must wear stunning designer attire. Put on bulky lehengas or plain sarees with exquisite embroidery. Choose the fabric that best suits your needs, and choose the sarees with the appropriate drape. Use suitable jewelry pieces, especially gold, to resemble a movie heroine, and it would be great if it matched the decor.

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