Four Ways To Light Up Your Wedding Or Reception

Four Ways To Light Up Your Wedding Or Reception

Will it be interesting to attend a function or celebration without a light? Not really! Light is one of the most essential elements that can give a complete makeover to any occasion. When a wedding or reception is happening, light becomes the important decor of the event. The lighting arrangement should be functional, creative and fun at the same time. The marriage halls near Madipakkam have some of the best lighting options for their customers. They have trending spotlights and mood lighting that gives your wedding or reception a spectacular view. The traditional serial lights have been replaced with glowing fairy lights, lanterns, floating lamps, and many are yet to come. These lights change the entire view of the environment within a moment and complement the decor items. These lights give a cosy and, at the same time, warm welcome to the guests. Thus, in the post, let us see how lighting makes a wedding come alive.


The first tip to make your wedding brighter is to understand your surroundings. Most of the marriage halls in Pallikaranai have a banquet hall and outdoor venue for weddings. Thus, an outdoor wedding requires more lightning than an indoor wedding despite the time. So, visit the marriage venue with your photographer and decorator to know the exact situation. It will help you to understand the type of lighting to be used in the wedding altar and guest area. Similarly, decide on the decoration and flowers to understand the color combination that works with your chosen light. So, these will help you to give a clear idea about the lighting decor.

Placing lights:

Another tip to make the most out of the lighting is being creative. The traditional way of hanging the lights is outdated, so try some new innovative methods. The most trending ways of placing lights nowadays are using royal chandeliers, LED or fairy lights behind the frosted or regular glass, lighting up a bare tree, lighting behind the drapes or curtains, a photo booth, and many more. These will help you capture some amazing snaps of your family and friends. The marriage halls in Velachery will be the right option if you are planning around this area because their outdoor venue is large where you can be creative enough.


Thirdly, pay attention to the color of the lighting. The primary colors red, blue, and green, are not friendly with digital photography. The intensity of these colors is stored digitally and gives nightmares to the photographers while editing. It is why many photographers choose soft or yellow lights for weddings. These lights give a soft and rich texture to your pictures.

Light Up Your Tables:

You should pay attention to where your guest will sit and add some creatives to make them stay focused. So, you decorate your guest’s table with mini string lights, which come in different shapes and sizes. These small lights or bulbs are a bold statement in your decor, making your guests less distracted.

Hence, these tips will help you significantly to decorate your wedding or reception hall. The Kovilambakkam marriage halls are the best option for an outdoor wedding and create some fantastic decorations with lights.

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