Things To Be Looked Into Before Booking A Marriage Hall

Things To Be Looked Into Before Booking A Marriage Hall

A wedding is a special event in everyone’s life. It is where two people promise each other a lifetime commitment. That is why everyone makes their best effort to make it memorable with their choices. In some cases, they fail to make the right decision due to one or the other reasons. The essential things that should be calculated when deciding on a picture-perfect wedding are the accommodation, facility, food, and services. Therefore, choosing a suitable banquet hall with all the services is an added advantage which helps to have a great event or occasion. Hence the following tips can be considered while choosing marriage halls near Madipakkam or any venue before the big day.


The foremost factor before choosing the wedding or event hall is to decide the location that is accessible to the guests who are supposed to attend the wedding. It has to be situated centrally, and anyone traveling from the city’s outskirts should be able to reach the venue at the correct time. The marriage halls in Velachery are centrally located, offering a wide range of transport facilities and allowing the guests to reach the destination without any inconvenience.


The capacity of the marriage hall should be calculated beforehand to hold a sufficient number of people. Some marriage halls can hold more than a thousand guests at a time, while others not more than five hundred. Therefore be sure about the number of people and choose the destination wisely. SGR Mahal, one of the best marriage halls in Kovilambakkam, is spacious enough to accommodate more than 1200 guests at a time.


The services offered by the marriage hall should be calculated beforehand. Some marriage halls provide services like colorful lighting, stage & hall decoration, high ceilings, and light walls. The rooms for the bride and groom, restrooms, dining area, and floors need to be check-listed before booking for the wedding. Hence, always choose a wedding hall that offers comfort and convenience services.

Parking facilities:

Most guests use their vehicles to come to the wedding. Therefore, having an allotted area or space to park their vehicles will offer them great convenience. In some wedding halls, they provide valet parking for their guests. Therefore, parking facilities should be accounted for while booking a marriage hall.


Nowadays, marriage halls provide food services for their customers according to their choices. They have a professional team for cooking delicious food according to the customer’s requirements. They have customized decorated fruit corners, drinks, and cocktails on the recommendation. 

Seating Arrangement:

It offers excellent convenience and comfort if the guests have a good seating arrangement. The condition of the chairs, tables, and air conditioner should be checked beforehand, which helps to focus on the wedding process rather than running behind these small concerns.

Therefore, consider the tips shared in the post before choosing a wedding hall. SGR Mahal, one of the marriage halls in Medavakkam, is a perfect venue for a wedding which satisfies your needs and helps to make the wedding worth remembering.

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